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Terms and Conditions

The website is the exclusive property of ASPA Fixtoo society, as well as the whole rights pertaining to it.
Any reproduction, full or partial, is consistently subject to an authorization of its owners. Nevertheless, the links like hypertexte to the website are authorized without any specific demand.

Terms of sales acceptance

The buyer confirms to have taken note, at the moment of ordering, of specific terms of sales written on the screen and declares to accept without any reservations .
Terms of sales in question determine the contract between ASPA Fixtoo and the customer, both parties accept them without any reservations.
These terms of sales prevail on any other document.


Photographies, texts, patterns, layouts are for most of them the outcome of many documents developed by manufacturers or developers. Remade with their controle and agreement. The product's characteristics offered for sale and their photographies are not contractual.
ASPA Fixtoo's responsability cannot be committed if any errors occurs, it reserves the right for any modification and without any advance warning.


We are at your service for any request or information concerning the follow up of your order, then, our customer service is ready to answer you:

Any order on the website is an acceptation without reservations of any kind. The terms of sales in question are for us and for you, primary component of our contract and of our agreements.
The buyer confirms to have taken note of it, and waivers prevailing of any third party document, which can be totaly contradictory and notably with the purchase terms.
The automatic computer recording systems are considered as a proof of the nature, the contents, the date of the order. Fixtoo will confirm the acceptance of the order on the customer Email address or any other way he would have decided.
The sale will be definitive after the order acceptance.

ASPA Fixtoo reserves the right to cancel an order if there is any litigation with the customer, or any other type of problem.
Informations written by the buyer in the order placement committs itself to: in case of mistakes in the informations (address, telephone, Email...), the seller would never be responsible for the impossibility to deliver the goods..
ASPA Fixtoo keeps the full property of the products sold, until the complet receipt of the payment (taxes and charges included). Nevertheless, from receiving the goods, the buyer assume the risks. He has to ensure its proper preservation.

Delivery, Transport and packaging

The delivery confirmation occurs when we have the confirmation order.
It runs when the complet payment has been receipt, our expeditions are carried out by our carriers.
The delivery time given is the same of our carriers (24/48h on average, working days), and depends on our available stocks.
You can request us at any time your expedition number to do the follow up of your parcel by email.
For any order from Overseas Departments and Territories, please call us to know exactly the amount of remittance fees corresponding to your order.

Deliveries in Metropolitan France are generally made by different carriers depending on the weight and the volume of the goods. Delivery is directly made in the time slot planed with the customer, in case of absence, the goods will be delivered to another person authorized by the customer.
The eventual delays cannot be subject to any monetary damages or complaints.

Your orders will be delivered to the address written on it. Outside of the Metropolitan France, customer confirms to settle every taxes due to the importation of the product, custom duties, VAT, and any others taxes due to the country law.
Customer prohibits any partial or total resale of the product. ASPA Fixtoo will never be responsible for the unsettlement of the taxes from the customer.

Delivery time

Delivery time applicable are those mentioned during the validation of the order.
Any order payed by cheque or bank transfer will be prepared after receiving the settelment.
In case of delay, please contact our Customer service by phone at +33 (0) 4 77 96 20 23, or by email at

In case of absence from you, your order can be at your disposal to your post office. If it is not the case, we will investigate to our carrier to localise your parcel. If your order is found, it will be sent to you as soon as possible to the address you gave us. If your order cannot be found, and after receiving a certificate prooving the lost by the carrier, we will send you back the products or, we will reimbourse you depending on the terms of sales in question.
Delivery delays cannot be used for a cancellation by the customer, or any monetary damages.

In case of apparent defects, the buyer can send us back the goods following the conditions in this document.
Cases of force majeure that relieve the seller of its delivering obligation: fire, strike, accident, bad weather, impossibility to be supplyed.
Goods always travels at buyer peril.

It is up to the buyer to verify the good condition of the parcel when arriving. The buyer has 48 hours to put any reservation to the carrier in case of eventual missing or degradation.
In case of apparent defects (damaged parcel, broken product, etc...), please report the problem within 72 hours by registered post with advice of delivery. If there is a problem at the reception, if the goods need to be sent back, it is necesary to keep the goods as the buyer found them. (accesories, instructions, packing and packaging). Ask for a normal return with ASPA Fixtoo as formulation, don't forget to copy it and send us an email at

Concerning your delivery, you can accept or not the goods, but for any parcel opened or damaged, reservations can be made, just write them on the form. Then inform us by post within 3 working days after the delivery.

Return of goods

Every return of goods have to be subject of a written demand by email at :
You should write your name, surname, order or invoice number, phone number. Please don't forget to precise the reason of the return. ASPA Fixtoo will send you a return number which has to be written on your invoice and joined to the parcel.
No returns will be accepted without this prior request and the return number.
We will not be able to replace the goods before receiving them in good conditions, as we delivered it.
We will take back the products only if they are sent in their entirety (accesories, guaranty, drivers, instructions, protection cover, etc...) with their packing....
The reimbursment or the exchange presume that you have not damaged the goods and that the previous conditions have been respected.

Goods availability

Products of any kind are delivered within 2 to 5 working days (they are subject to goods availability).
If there is any stock shortage from our suppliers, ASPA Fixtoo will notify its customer by email or by phone in order to precise the new deadline for the delivery, or propose any substitute product.
If ASPA Fixtoo cannot supply the goods, we will advise the buyer by phone so that we will eventually replace the product for another with the same quality and we will be able to respect the deadlines.


Displayed prices are duty free, in Euros (€), the VAT is of 20%.
Prices can be modified at any time depending on the manufacturers tariffs. ASPA Fixtoo will not be responsible for errors came into it. ASPA Fixtoo reserves the right of modification without advance warning.


Order confirmation sent by ASPA Fixtoo precises the price invoiced to the customer.
As explained, the buyer has different ways to pay:

- By credit card :
Credit card like Visa, Blue Card and MasterCard will automatically be debited after validation of your order.
And your order is prepared immediately.
Online, the settlement by credit card permits you to pay on a banking server from CIC (French bank), in a secure environement.
Your card number will be sent to a bank server. Which means that CIC bank will be the only one to know your numbers.
We certify that the credit cards datas are encrypted, thanks to the S.S.L. protocol (secure socket layer), they are not readable on the network.

- By cheque :
Our goods are delivered after receipt of the total amount payable. The cheque have to be endorsed at the order of ASPA Fixtoo.
DO NOT FORGET: to put your order number at the back of the cheque and send it at:
ASPA Fixtoo ZA la Jalousie 42130 Marcilly-le-Châtel.

- By bank transfer :
Please, use the bank account details for the transfer of the total amount payable, carriage and VAT included. Your order will be prepared after reception of your settelment.

Bank account details of Fixtoo :
Account holder : ASPA
Bank code : 10096
Counter code : 18016
Account number : 00055799701
Key RIB : 71
Domiciliation : Agence MONTBRISON
IBAN : FR76 1009 6180 1600 0557 9970 171

IMPORTANT : During the transfer, please indicate the number of your order in the specific part.

Retention of title clause

For a sale of any product, goods are ASPA Fixtoo's properties until we have receipt the total amount payable of the order.
The transfer of legal ownership will take effect after the buyer's settlement.

In case of payment defects, and after eight days of a written reminder without results, the contract will expire for a strict liability and ASPA Fixtoo will take back the products from the buyer.
In case of no restitution from the buyer, a summary judgement will be given by the President of the Commerce Court.


As the present contract, submitted to the French law, ASPA Fixtoo cannot be responsible for any kind of damages, either material or immaterial or corporal which results of a malfunctioning or a bad use of the products.
It is the same, for eventual products modifications from manufacturers.
ASPA Fixtoo's responsability will be limited to the amount of the order. It cannot be responsible for any errors or omissions in spite of all precautions taken in the product's presentation.


ASPA Fixtoo cannot be responsible for a non-respect of regulations and administrative provisions standards in the importing country. ASPA Fixtoo's responsability will be only limited to the product value, and more precisely, the product value at the date it was sold. This, without any recourse against the brand or the manufacturers.
The customer benefits from the statutory warrantee of the eviction of hidden defects according to the article 1625 and after, of the French Civil Code, on the conditions that the buyer proves the hidden defect, then the seller will repare all the consequences (art 1641 and after, of the French Civili Code) and (art 1648 of the same Code).
In case of hidden defect, the complaints will be written immediately after the constatation. The buyer has to prove that it is a hidden defect, and to send back all the goods available to ASPA Fixtoo.
The buyer will wait our consentment before sending back the goods.
In case of accepted guarantee, affected goods from a hidden defect will be exchanged for free, or their price will be payed back. Any other expectations are excluded.

We assume no liability in the case that the goods selected by the buyer are not used properly for its intended purpose ensuring.
Any return or repossess goods are submitted to a formal and written agreement.
Without this agreement, the goods are made available to the customer.
Fees and risks for a return are imposed on the Purchaser.
After 8 (eight) days after the delivery, no returns will be accepted.

ASPA Fixtoo will not be held to any compensation for physical and non-physical assets like the production loss, exploitation loss, chance loss, datas loss, financial or commercial loss or any other kind which would be the consequence of direct or indirect damages resulting from the use or a failure of the goods.
You can contact our customers service from :
Monday to Friday, from 9AM to 5PM, by phone at +33 (0) 4 77 96 20 23 or, by email to to solve the problem.

14 days rescission

We grant you a 14 days rescission, to return the goods to your costs.
This short-time starts the day after the reception of the product.
This time expired, you will not be able to use this right anymore.

To ensure the proper return management, please contact our customers service and follow the instructions in the "returns" part.
In case of the application of the rescission rights, you can ask for the reimboursment of the money collected, or an exchange of an equivalent price, with, if needed, a financial compensation.
This rescission right can be used without any penalty. Nevertheless, the costs of returns fees are charged to you.
Please, make sure that the order you return to us is complete, like it is explained in the "return of goods" part.

Legal information

Informations of personal data is collected to ensure the treatment and the transportation of orders and invoices.
Informations defects lead to a non-validation of the application.
In accordance with the "law on Computing and Freedom", treatment information of personal's data arising from customers, was a subject of a declaration made to the CNIL (National Commission of Computing and Freedom).
The customer disposes of a right of access, a right of modification, right of data's rectification or suppression (art. 34 of the French law of January 6th 1978).
Furhtermore, ASPA Fixtoo assures to keep its customers datas, and never communicate them to a third party.

All litigation will fall under the juridiction of the Court of MONTBRISON judging on the French right.