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Guying system for trees

The main objective is to insure person's security, vehicules or installations safety. Guying, and stake reliability are very important. Guying systems also allows to straighten up the tree.

The guying system is useable on installed plants or naked roots.

Guying steps

  • Place the Looped head anchor stake at 120° around the tree and screw them on the ground by taking into account the dominant wind's direction.
  • The planting distance of the Looped head anchor stake around the tree depend on its height and on its type: rounded or triangular.
    - Rounded tree, distance from 1,5 to 3 m or from 2,30 to 5m.
    - Triangular tree, distance from 2 to 5m, from 3 to 8 m or from 3,50 to 11 m.
  • Place the guying to the anchor stakes by slipping them into the buckle.
  • Tighten the guying thanks to the tighteners.
  • Mark the guying to avoid accidents.

Specialists recommends a 2/3 guying with 3 guying wires, except for biggest ones, use 4 guying wires.