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Fixation for arbours and pergolas

Fixation for arbour by metallic anchorage

For solid and imposing constructions like arbours and pergolas, it is better to anticipate with quality and lasting fixation systems. In order to avoid any detachment of the structure if there are violent winds.

Very often, arbour's and pergola's purchasers simply put the equipment on unstable grounds. If there is no precaution of security, the structure can move, and detach itself. Winds can also sweep the roof from the inside of the arbour.

In order to obtain a stable installation, it is advised to use an anchor stake of 40 cm length. Made in steel zinc-plated, it is used to support the arbour's and pergola's posts.
If you put some buried posts without anchorage with concrete, the wood risks to rotten quickly. The anchor stakes screwed on the ground are made in steel zinc-plated to avoid pieces rotting.

For further information on the ringed head anchor stake of 40 cm lngth, click here